Adverb is a word that answer the question with how, when, and where and added to the verb, adjective, or another verb [oxford dictionary]

Type of Adverbs:

  1. Simple Adverb:  Adverb of manner, Adverb of place, Adverb of time, Adverb of frequency, Adverb of affirmative, Adverb of degree, Adverb of probability.
  2. Relative Adverb
  3. Interogative Adverb

Simple Adverb

Adverb of Manner

Adverb of manner shows how something happens.  It is usually constructed from adjective+ly

  • Example:  beautifully, slowly, carefully, etc.
  • 1.  (+)  She works slowly.

but there is exception for some words.

  • Example [adjective-adverb]: fast-fast, hard-hard, good-well, etc.
  • 2.  (+)  He runs fast.

Adverb of Place

Adverb of place is usually begin with preposition.

  • 1.  (+)  I live on Kaliabang Bungur Street.
  • 2.  (+)  I am at home.

shows the place where something happens.

  • Example:  here, there, somewhere, accross, back, etc.
  • 3.  (+)  I put my bag here.

… to be continued.

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