1. Grammar
  2. Noun
  3. Verb
  4. Adjective
  5. Adverb
  6. Conjunction
  7. Phrase


Adjective is a word that modifies/define a noun.

Classification of Adjective

Adjective is classified into 3:

  1. Function, are attribute adjective and predicative adjective.
  2. Type, are desciriptive adjective, quantitative adjective [definite QA (cardinal number, ordinal number, and fraction number) and indefinite QA], possesive adjective, distributive adjective, interogative adjective, and demonstrative adjective.
  3. How to form, are add ~ful to a noun, add ~ous to a noun, add ~ly to a noun, add ~y to a noun, add ~al to a noun, add ~ish to a noun or adjective, add ~en to a noun, add ~ic to a noun, add ~less to a noun, and add ~able to a verb.

Adjective by its function

Attribute Adjective

Attribute adjective is placed before noun.

  • Example:  (+)  I have blue marker.

Predicative Adjective

Predicative adjective is placed after linking verb.

  • She looks beautiful.
  • He is handsome.

Adjective by its type

Descriptive Adjective

Descriptive adjective is used to describe something.

  • Example:  big, small, smart, lazy, etc.

 Quantitative Adjective

Quantitative adjective [QA] is related to amount of something.

Definite quantitative adjective [DQA] (kata sifat bilangan tertentu)

  1. DQA – Cardinal numberone, two, three, … [1, 2, 3, …]
  2. DQA – Ordinal numberfirst, second, third, … [1st, 2nd, 3rd, …]
  3. DQA – Fraction numberone two, one four, three four, … [½, ¼, ¾, …]

Indefinite quantitative adjective (kata sifat bilangan tidak tertentu)

  • Example:  many, much, a few, some, etc.

Possesive Adjective

Possesive adjective is also known as possesive pronoun.

  • Example:  my, your, her, his, their, our, etc.

Distributive Adjective

Distributive adjective

  • Example:  each, every, either, neither, etc.
  • You may choose either book.
  • Neither book is interesting for me.

Interogative Adjective

Interogative adjective

  • Example:  what, which whose, who, etc.

Demonstrative Adjective

Demonstrative adjective

  • Example:  this, these, that, those, a, the, such, etc.

Adjective by how to form

  1. Add ~ful to a noun.  Example:  beautiful, wonderful, successful, careful, etc.
  2. Add ~ous to a noun.  Example:  dangerous, continuous, luxurious, famous, etc.
  3. Add ~ly to a noun.  Example:  friendly, lonely, lovely, etc.
  4. Add ~y to a noun.  Example:  cloudy, noisy, risky, etc.
  5. Add ~al to a noun.  Example:  national, natural, industrial, etc.
  6. Add ~ish to a noun or adjective.  Example:  childish [from noun], reddish, yellowish [from adjective], etc.
  7. Add ~en to a noun.  Example:  golden, wooden, etc.
  8. Add ~ic to a noun.  Example:  heroic, alcoholic, etc.
  9. Add ~less to a noun.  Example:  hopeless, homeless, jobless, etc.
  10. Add ~able to a verb.  Example:  questionable, reasonable, fashionable, etc.


Make a sentence for each adjective based on how to form!

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