Reading: Aeroplanes & Helicopters

Task 3.  Read the text carefully!


Aeroplanes have shrunk the world in terms of travel time.  No place in the world is more than 24 hours away from any other by air.  A traveller can board a plane in Jakarta and arrive in Bandung in half an hour.  The trip would have taken 3 hours by Parahyangan train.  It is usual for business executive to fly to a meeting two or four hundred kilometres away and return home on the same day.

Aeroplanes are also useful to industry.  They speed goods from factories to waiting customers.  For example, aeroplanes take vaccines, antibiotics, and other lifesafing drugs, as well as foods to victims of eartquakes, floods, and other disasters.  Aeroplanes can deliver fresh tropical fruits to markets.

Besides aeroplanes, helicopters are the other kinds of air transportation.  A helicopter can fly in any direction forward, backward, to the side, or straight up as well as hover in one place.  Modern helicopters can reach speeds of about 320 kilometres per hour.  But they usually fly at about 130 to 260 kilometres per hours when going from one place to another.  They can fly almost 1,000 kilometres without refueling.

Just as helicopters cannot fly as fast as the fastest aeroplanes, aeroplanes cannot do many jobs that helicopters can.  The modern helicopters has almost limitless commercial and military uses.  On television we often see helicopters at work rescuing people from floods, fires, and other disasters.  Because helicopters can hover, they do not need to land.  They can use a line to hoist up disaster victims or to lower supplies.

Find all nouns, adjectives, and verbs in above text!

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